When it rains, it pours!

Phew! So it’s been quite a hectic two weeks! I’m not sure how it works for you guys, but I think I perform better when I’m racing against a deadline.

So it started off with a couple of guys falling ill at the tailors and then a delay in the stuff to reach us due to festive holidays. Now that we’ve the stuff, the daughter is down with an upset tummy. My models are caught up and hence are not available on the weekend for a photoshoot. The laptop decided to die on me. AND, we need to launch the stuff on Monday. Oh well, it’s true, when it rains, it definitely pours!

Yes, I’m glad I’m still breathing. Even if I faint, a whack from the daughter is enough to bring me back to my senses. We did manage to click pictures of the new products, we know we might have to come back to it. Well, as they say, the show must go on.

Photoshoot. Check. Download photo editing app. Check. Edit images. Check. Upload on the Facebook page. Check. Still breathing. Check. Peaceful sleep. Check. Check. Check.

And we have launched long nursing kurtis at T&S. Hurray!

Stay with us as we continue to launch new products.

Cherish every moment!

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