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The birth of T&S

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I’m writing this post as my beautiful daughter sleeps beside me. Yes, the most gorgeous reason for T&S to emerge.

The idea for T&S was born a month after Tanirika was born. It took quite some time to nurture and build with a lot of hiccups in different forms, but after a year and half, here we are.. Launching our second baby!

I must thank God for giving me a beautiful breastfeeding journey till date and I’ve cherished every moment with my little one.

I used to wonder how people would breastfeed in public by just lifting their tops. Wouldn’t it be too obvious for the oglers and dirty minds? Not everybody thinks of it as natural. We’ve come a long way from that thought and in all honesty, that’s what works for us. And I must say, without the husband man, I would’ve given up ages ago. Although a lot of us have overcome our inhibitions, a lot of us are still scared and conscious to do it in public. So much that they’re confined within the walls of their home. For them, T&S is born.

At T&S, we have varied products ranging from short and long nursing kurtis to short and long nursing dresses to nursing covers. We also provide fabrics from time to time to help customers customise it to their liking. We hope to bring to you more products in more styles.

Don’t worry about covering up anymore as there’s nothing that can be seen.

Stop blaming yourself, the world and your baby for your lost freedom. Get out of that house and have double the fun. Be an example to your little one. Be one among the thousands who are trying to normalize breastfeeding. Turn every single day into a “happy” woman’s day.

Cherish the moment!

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