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Journey with the twins!: Breastfeeding Journey

Daisy was working in the Call Centre industry as a soft skills and process trainer for over 6 years when she got to know she was pregnant with twins. She says, “I loved every bit of my job and like most others I thought I’d get back to work once the babies would be 6 months. But the minute I saw them, I knew there was no turning back. I realised I wanted and need to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).” Daisy maintains that she has huge respect for working moms but has never regretted her decision. She believes that for her situation she made the right choice. She may or may not work in the future but for now she is happy being a SAHM to her 2.7 year old angels.

1. A lot of mothers are given wrong information about breastfeeding just one child itself. Did you ever doubt yourself about nursing two at a time? Did you not feel overwhelmed?
From when I got to know I was pregnant, I had read up on breastfeeding and was armed with a lot of information about nursing both my babies. I knew it was possible and there were a lot of people who had done it and are still doing it. So, I was determined to exclusively feed both of them for 6 months. I was told initially by people that I am living in a fantasy world to even think that I will be able to breastfeed my twins, let alone do it exclusively. But I did it and I only loved proving them wrong. Yes, although, I must admit that nap times were the only time it got overwhelming as we lived in a nuclear setup with zero help. It has been an amazing journey and there is nothing that I will change about it.

2. Can you tell us a little more about your experience of tandem feeding?
Honestly, although I knew tandem feeding was possible I could not get myself to do it in start. Like every new mother, I was scared too and was worried about hurting them. So it always used to be nursing one after the other. But the entire process seemed never ending… nurse and burp one baby and then nurse and burp the second one and then repeat again (since babies feed a lot during the initial days). And then I realised that this is not working for us, and I have to tandem feed. And from then, life has been so much easier. For new moms, please learn to tandem feed right from the start to make your life easier and you will also have a lot of time on hand.

3. Since the babies are 2.7 years now, do you plan to wean them? Has there been a lot of pressure for the same?
A lot of people asked me wean at 6 months, while some asked me to start formula from the start since they were twins. Some people will always have something to say irrespective of your choice. Hence, there is definitely no pressure as such. I have no plans to wean them and the girls are free to choose when they want to. Although I do feel they are now in the process of self-weaning since they barely nurse for half a minute and only during nap times. I am definitely going to miss our time when they finally do decide to wean.

4. Any tips for twin moms on the block?
New mommies (twins or otherwise) must join support groups. Be surrounded by people who support your breastfeeding journey and encourage you, even if that support is virtual (Facebook or any other platform). Please do not hesitate to get help or contact a Lactation Consultant for your breastfeeding queries.

For mommies of toddlers, if you decide to go for mother-led weaning, please do resort to gentle methods.  I have heard some strange advice being handed out by paediatricians. It can have a negative effect on the mind of the little one. And you definitely don’t want the bitterness of such a beautiful journey to be the last thought on the little one’s mind.



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