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    When it rains, it pours!

    Phew! So it’s been quite a hectic two weeks! I’m not sure how it works for you guys, but I think I perform better when I’m racing against a deadline. So it started off with a couple of guys falling ill at the tailors and then a delay in the stuff to reach us due to festive holidays. Now that we’ve the stuff, the daughter is down with an upset tummy. My models are caught up and hence are not available on the weekend for a photoshoot. The laptop decided to die on me. AND, we need to launch the stuff on Monday. Oh well, it’s true, when it rains,…

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    What’s in a name?

    When I brought up the idea of nursing wear, a friend of mine, Shruti Kothari-Tomar and I were wondering what we would name the company. We tried everything under the sun but something wasn’t adding up. That is when she suggested we should work around Tanirika’s (my daughter) name as she is the reason this idea occurred to me. Although I was a little skeptical in the start, a little coaxing from Shruti changed my mind and we decided to use the letter T. The letter S wasn’t a difficult bet as there were people who could claim it.. the husbandman and I, ofcourse! Now that we have T&S, the…

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    The birth of T&S

    I’m writing this post as my beautiful daughter sleeps beside me. Yes, the most gorgeous reason for T&S to emerge. The idea for T&S was born a month after Tanirika was born. It took quite some time to nurture and build with a lot of hiccups in different forms, but after a year and half, here we are.. Launching our second baby! I must thank God for giving me a beautiful breastfeeding journey till date and I’ve cherished every moment with my little one. I used to wonder how people would breastfeed in public by just lifting their tops. Wouldn’t it be too obvious for the oglers and dirty minds?…